Wyre Talks

Ep 33, Q1 Wrap-Up: Facecoin/ZuckBucks, Bitwise Report & DeFi —with Michael Dunworth, Louis Aboud-Hogben & Thomas Scaria

Episode Summary

Why is Facebook getting into crypto? How does the Bitwise report miss the mark? And what’s behind the Q1 growth in DeFi?

Episode Notes

Today, we’re looking back on Q1 to explore the most important headlines in crypto. We start with a discussion of Facebook’s motivation to enter the space and how the introduction of ZuckBucks might impact the ecosystem as a whole. Michael shares his take on the Bitwise report, explaining why it doesn’t answer the right question and describing the SEC’s need to build surveillance infrastructure on the so-called Big 10 exchanges that matter.

Louis covers the dominance of Binance, sharing their big wins early on and what they are doing to maintain market share. Finally, we talk about the growth of DeFi this quarter, examining the popularity of lending products in a market cycle characterized by idle crypto. Listen in for insight around the two protocols that focus on synthetic assets and learn how we are thinking about the rising price of crypto and the potential for another bull run.

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