Wyre Talks

Ep 30, The Scoop on Trends in Token Sales with Andy Bromberg of CoinList

Episode Summary

The team at CoinList is in a unique position to understand the crypto landscape as a whole, from the kinds of projects on the horizon to the profile of the crypto investor base to the way digital asset projects are approaching regulatory compliance. So, what are the current trends in the token sale ecosystem? And how is CoinList capitalizing on their understanding of the space to become a one-stop shop for token issuers?

Episode Notes

Andy Bromberg is the Cofounder and President at CoinList, the trusted resource for digital asset companies to manage their token sales, airdrops and online hackathons. Andy was also a founding research scientist at the Stanford Bitcoin Group. Today, he joins us to explain how the idea for CoinList came out of a collaboration between Protocol Labs and AngelList and discuss the two key pillars of the company, fundraising and community building.

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