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Ep 35, Rethinking the Blockchain Structure with Solana Co-founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko

Episode Summary

Perhaps the greatest challenge of current blockchain technology is that it’s inherently unscalable. But what if you could create a cryptographically secure time source that gives nodes the ability to verify the time and order of events, allowing finality time to drop even as decentralization grows? What if you could maximize bandwidth usage and facilitate hundreds of thousands of transactions per second—without sacrificing security?

Episode Notes

Anatoly Yakovenko is the co-founder and CEO of Solana, a venture to rebuild the blockchain for scale. The Solana team is designing new architecture focused on high throughput with the goal of facilitating up to 700K transactions per second on a 1Gb network—without data partitioning. Today, Anatoly joins us to discuss how his background in distributed systems attracted him to the blockchain scalability problem and introduce his proof-of-history solution to encode the passage of time as data.

Anatoly explains how Solana is addressing the network synchronicity problem, maximizing bandwidth usage, and solving challenges around data storage capacity. He also shares the role validators play in the system and offers insight into the hardware necessary to run a node on Solana. Listen in to understand Anatoly’s vision for Solana to function as a smart contracts platform and learn what differentiates Solana from other blockchains in terms of scalability, security and running code in a single state.

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