Wyre Talks

Ep 22, The One Stop Shop for Decentralized Liquidity — with David Bleznak of Totle

Episode Summary

Whether you’re an individual crypto investor looking for a simple way to manage your portfolio or a business in the blockchain space with a need to trade one token for another, Totle may be the solution you’ve been searching for. So, how did the company come to be? How does the Totle team make decisions around what to build? And why are they banking on the shift to decentralized exchanges?

Episode Notes

David Bleznak is the founder and CEO of Totle, the world’s first on-chain order routing solution. By aggregating the liquidity of the top decentralized exchanges, Totle’s software solution makes crypto investing and asset management easy. David began his career investing in the real estate space before developing an interest in crypto in general and the DEX ecosystem specifically. A self-proclaimed ‘dexpert,’ David is committed to advocating for the mainstream adoption of decentralized finance.

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