Wyre Talks

Ep 29, Building the Foundation for Private Finance with Loong Wang CTO of Ren

Episode Summary

Loong shares the secure multiparty computation Ren is using to build an order book inside the protocol as well as the potential use cases beyond order matching. We cover Ren’s go-to-market-strategy involving communication with the various blockchains and decentralized finance projects, and Loong offers insight on integrating Ren’s tech into existing liquidity pools. Listen in to understand Loong’s hope that Ren will break down the current silos in decentralized finance and learn what differentiates Ren from other privacy solutions!

Episode Notes

Loong Wang is the CTO of Ren, a project working to create an ecosystem for unstoppable privacy. The protocol allows users to transfer tokens in zero-knowledge, trustlessly swap between blockchains, and trade on a dark pool. Today, Loong joins us to explain how the need for a decentralized financial infrastructure inspired the launch of Ren and discuss the evolution of the project, from developing RenEx on the protocol to their current work on end-to-end privacy via RenVM.

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