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Ep 37, Owning the Newcomer Experience - Wallet Panel with Itamar Lesuisse (CEO, Argent), Aaron Lasher (CSO, BRD) and Tom Teman (CEO, Portis)

Episode Summary

Today, we’re joined by Tom Teman, co-founder, and CEO of Portis, Aaron Lasher, co-founder and CSO of BRD, and Itamar Lesuisse, co-founder and CEO of Argent, to discuss everything crypto wallets. We begin with a conversation around the missions of Argent, Portis, and BRD, describing how what they stand for influences the architecture of each wallet. Tom, Aaron, and Itamar share their respective takes on gas abstraction as a major friction point for new users and address each wallet’s design tradeoffs and target markets.

Episode Notes

Crypto wallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What the team stands for has an influence on who they serve, what services they offer, and how they address security. The architecture of the wallet itself is, in fact, shaped by each project’s core values. Curious how the co-founders of three very distinct wallets make decisions based on their respective mission statements?

We also weigh in on security, covering the pros and cons of seed phrase recovery, the feasibility of hardware wallets as a long-term security solution, and the possibility of leveraging smart contracts as a viable alternative. Listen in for insight into how the Portis, BRD, and Argent teams decide what services to offer and what to display in their wallet’s UI—and learn how Tom, Aaron, and Itamar think about capturing value for investors, in bull and bear markets alike!

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