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Ep 38, UMA - The Primitive for Tokenized Financial Exposure with Co-Founders, Hart Lambur and Allison Lu

Episode Summary

We live in a world where information is accessible from any corner of the globe, yet financial product remains shockingly regional—and available only to the extremely wealthy among us. The team at UMA is leveraging blockchain technology to enable universal market access by way of a digital-first, global protocol for risk transfer.

Episode Notes

Today, we’re joined by the cofounders of UMA, COO Allison Lu and CEO Hart Lambur. Allison and Hart explain how UMA facilitates bilateral derivatives by allowing the short side to be levered and collateralizing the long side at 100%, and they describe how the tokenized derivative smart contract serves as the protocol’s core technology. They go on to cover the hub-and-spoke design of the UMA market structure, the team’s decision to adhere to the ERC-20 standard, and the planned shift from a one-to-many to a multi-token-sponsor model.

Allison and Hart also discuss the positive response to UMA’s USStocks synthetic token and the protocol’s potential to galvanize an ‘army of DeFi nerds’ via money-making arbitrage opportunities. Listen in for insight around UMA’s bring-your-own-price-feed approach to the oracle problem and learn how the team’s framework for dispute resolution—the decentralized oracle—serves as the foundation for its business plan.

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