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Ep 39, Omniex - Priming for Institutional Entry with Co-Founder, John Burnett

Episode Summary

What is keeping institutional investors from playing in the crypto space? It’s clear that the asset class is here to stay, and many major institutions have shown interest in the market. So, what can we do to provide a trading infrastructure traditional finance is used to? What are crypto projects doing to attract institutional players to the ecosystem?

Episode Notes

John Burnett is the Cofounder and Head of Business Development and Strategy at Omniex, an institutional operating platform for investment managers and active traders focused on crypto assets. Today, he joins us to explain how Omniex is priming the crypto market for institutional entry, describing the increasing interest in the tokenization of assets among institutional players and the impact their entry will have on the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

John also discusses how Omniex differs from platforms like Tagomi or SFOX and weighs in on the pros and cons of trading with a single counterparty. Listen in to understand some of the key aspects of Omniex that appeal to institutional investors, including its suite of algorithms and ESP feature, and learn John’s theory around the ‘gateway drugs’ that will inspire major financial institutions to enter the crypto space.

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