Wyre Talks

Ep 42, Investing in Sci-Fi with Adam Draper, Managing Director of Boost VC

Episode Summary

Boost VC was among the first venture capital funds to invest in the crypto space. Today, Cofounder and Managing Director Adam Draper joins us to share his vision of a borderless, digital world enabled by virtual reality and cryptocurrency and explain why he loves mentoring sci-fi tech founders in the pre-seed stage.

Episode Notes

How do you develop a venture fund that invests in future tech like jetpacks and exoskeletons? According to Adam Draper, you start by branding yourself as the VC interested in ‘anything that gets me closer to an Ironman suit.’ This attracts the demented builders and deal flow of wild things you need to realize your sci-fi vision of a world without borders. To date, Adam’s team has invested in more than 250 startups, 110 of which were crypto projects—including Wyre.

Adam is the Cofounder and Managing Director of Boost VC, a pre-seed venture fund and accelerator dedicated to sci-fi tech. Today, he joins us to share his experience growing up in a venture family (he’s a 4th generation VC) and discusses his vision of a borderless, digital world enabled by virtual reality and crypto. Adam explains why he loves mentoring founders in the early stages, walking us through the three-month accelerator program Boost delivers to entrepreneurs.

Adam also weighs in on the challenges associated with raising money from LPs for a sci-fi tech fund and credits the other VC funds that contributed to the development of the crypto ecosystem. Listen in for Adam’s take on the connection between crypto and VR, where both industries stand in the adoption cycle, and how DeFi and gaming serve as gateways to the crypto space.

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