Wyre Talks

Ep 43, Wyre Mid Year Recap - with Mike, Thomas, and Louis

Episode Summary

It’s been a busy Q2 in the crypto space. Today, the Wyre Team sits down to discuss the major developments in the ecosystem, including the launch of Facebook’s LIBRA, the Bitfinex scandal and the subsequent $1B token raise, Bitcoin’s ongoing positive price action, and the latest SEC action and FinCEN guidance for cryptocurrency.

Episode Notes

Today, we're looking back at the first six months of 2019 to review the most important developments in crypto. We start with the launch of LIBRA, discussing its ambition to own the financial infrastructure in the developing world. We introduce the evolving narrative around Bitcoin and explore what's behind BTC price action, including the trade war with China and the current monetary policy.

Louis offers insight into which institutions are entering the crypto space, and Michael offers his take on the potential for central banks to add Bitcoin as a reserve asset. Finally, we cover LedgerX's acquisition of all three licenses necessary to operate a derivatives exchange and how Bitfinex averted disaster with a $1B LEO token raise. Listen in to understand the latest SEC action against Kin and learn about the latest FinCEN guidance regarding what is and is not classified as a money transmitter in the crypto space.

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