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Ep 45, The DAG Ledger Powering Wasm Smart Contracts—with Cofounders Kenta Iwasaki & Dorjee Sun of Perlin

Episode Summary

The creators of Perlin still hold the long-term vision of developing a decentralized cloud computing platform. But the team has expanded its scope to include a DAG ledger powering Wasm smart contracts known as Wavelet. Today, cofounders Kenta Iwasaki and Dorjee Sun join us to discuss its Testnet launch and explain its international trade application

Episode Notes

The creators of Perlin still hold the long-term vision of developing a revenue-generating distributed ledger system that closes the wealth gap. But until smartphones are powerful enough and broadband speeds are fast enough, the team has expanded its scope to include Wavelet, a DAG ledger that powers WebAssembly smart contracts.

Kenta Iwasaki and Dorjee Sun are the cofounders of Perlin, a crypto project powering the future of trade with enterprise solutions built on top of the world’s fastest public ledger. Today, Kenta and Dorjee join us to share their ten-year plan to realize a decentralized cloud compute platform and explain how the network evolved to include smart contracts—with international trade applications. They introduce us to DAG architecture, describing how it leverages alternatives to the longest chain rule and discussing Wavelet’s unique snowball sampling solution for identifying the valid chain.

Kenta weighs in on the main design flaw of Avalanche as a consensus mechanism and offers a high-level overview of how Wavelet achieves total ordering of transactions. He also walks us through the recent Wavelet benchmark, revealing the system’s impressive numbers in terms of transactions per second and time to finality. Listen in to understand the key considerations for smart contract developers building on Perlin and learn how its leaderless proof-of-stake governance model solves for the safety concerns associated with other modern proof-of-stake ledgers

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