Wyre Talks

Ep 46, Navigating the Crypto Investment Universe with Investor, Haseeb Qureshi

Episode Summary

Investors who play in the crypto space are putting their money on what is essentially a science experiment. And the ecosystem’s interdisciplinary nature means that VCs need a broad understanding of a complex system. Today, Haseeb Qureshi joins us to share his bird’s eye view of the blockchain space.

Episode Notes

Crypto is a different animal. Investors who play in the blockchain space are putting their money on a science experiment rather than a company with a business plan. And the pace and complexity of the ecosystem make it impossible to have a depth of knowledge in any one area. So, the best crypto venture investors can do is secure a broad understanding of the space and adapt their beliefs to the world as it changes.

Haseeb Qureshi is a former general partner at cryptocurrency hedge fund MetaStable Capital. Today, he joins us to share his unconventional path to crypto, describing how his background as a professional poker player and experience in consumer payments at Airbnb inform his work as an investor. Haseeb explains why he focuses on layer one smart contract platforms and what differentiates one from another.

Haseeb weighs in on the attack factor associated with stable coins and why Bitcoin is less susceptible. He also shares his view of how the current macroeconomic environment might influence Bitcoin adoption and why it’s nearly impossible to ‘out-Bitcoin Bitcoin.’ Listen in for Haseeb’s insight on the bottlenecks preventing second-wave crypto adoption and learn about the opportunities he sees in porting protocols built on Ethereum to up-and-coming blockchains

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