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Ep 50, Gnosis - The Full-Stack Predictions Market with Stefan George, Co-Founder, and CTO

Episode Summary

GNOSIS is a trailblazer in the Ethereum space, creating the first implementation of both the multisig and smart contract wallets. Today, co-founder Stefan George discusses the team’s ongoing mission around aggregating global knowledge, their newly-formed dxDAO governance community, and their standing as the first company with a license to operate fully regulated prediction markets!

Episode Notes

GNOSIS is a pioneer in the Ethereum ecosystem, creating the first implementation of both the multisig and smart contract wallets. Their pivotal technology served as the backbone for many ICOs, and the GNOSIS team was the first to leverage the Dutch auction for trading. So, how did the team at GNOSIS become trailblazers in the crypto space? And how are they working to demonstrate the value of fully decentralized prediction markets?

Stefan George is the Co-Founder and CTO of GNOSIS, a prediction market platform that allows users to create custom forecasting applications and produce an entirely new asset class of conditional tokens they can then trade or hold. Today, Stefan joins us to discuss the GNOSIS team’s core mission to originate a prediction market system capable of aggregating global knowledge. He shares the use cases for prediction markets, including information discovery, incentivizing behavior and establishing financial markets.

Stefan goes on to describe how financial markets created on prediction systems differ in terms of bounded loss and winnings and walk us through the process of creating a market on GNOSIS. He also explains the concept of conditional token design, the team’s decision to utilize a Dutch auction model, and the new dxDAO governance community. Listen in for Stefan’s insight around their consumer-facing products, the GNOSIS Multisig Wallet and GNOSIS Safe, and learn how they are becoming the first company with a license to operate a fully regulated prediction market!

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