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Ep 20, Designing for Liquidity — with Alex Wearn, CEO of IDEX (Aurora)

Episode Summary

How does one bootstrap a vibrant liquidity ecosystem that incentivizes both market makers and takers? The team over at Aurora has a few ideas ranging from the design of their hybrid decentralized exchange, IDEX to their extensible token model. IDEX has facilitated over $1.6B in volume in 2018 by providing liquidity at a low cost and a user experience that outperforms the other decentralized exchanges. So, how does the Aurora/IDEX team make liquidity a part of their product design?

Episode Notes

Today, Alex joins us to discuss Aurora’s mission to recreate the financial stack through a hybrid decentralized exchange and the company’s plans to decentralize over time. We ask Alex about AURA staking, and he speaks to the current return for running a node. He also offers insight around why IDEX has succeeded where VC-backed market darlings have not and Aurora’s ambitions to expand in terms of asset classes and customer base. Listen in to understand how the Aurora team makes decisions around which tokens to list and learn how the architecture of IDEX is designed to incentivize liquidity.

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