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Ep 27, Dharma - The Easiest Place to Borrow and Lend Cryptocurrency—with Nadav Hollander

Episode Summary

Nadav Hollander was working as a software engineer at Coinbase when he wondered: what if there was a way for Coinbase account holders to earn interest on their holdings? What if we could borrow and lend that idle cryptocurrency? Could the blockchain be used to provide borderless, stateless financial services?

Episode Notes

Nadav is the Founder and Project Lead at Dharma, a decentralized protocol for globally accessible lending products built on Ethereum. Today, he joins us to discuss the current audience for the Dharma Lever product and share his long-term ambitions for the platform. Nadav explains how he thinks about the problem of unsecured lending on the blockchain, from creating a reliable reputation system to making crypto usable among the general population.

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