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Market Protocol: Bring Any Market to Ethereum Using Synthetic Assets —with Seth Rubin, Co-Founder, and CEO

Episode Summary

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need custody to secure price exposure to a given asset. In fact, the launch of a new crypto product allows you to pair a reference asset like Bitcoin with a collateral token like DAI to gain synthetic exposure to Bitcoin, without having to buy or store any BTC. These so-called position tokens open up a world of possibilities for accessing exposure to cross-chain and traditional assets—or creating brand new ones.

Episode Notes

Seth Rubin is the cofounder and CEO of MARKET Protocol, a framework for creating synthetic assets represented as tokens that allows users to gain exposure to a variety of assets without leaving the Ethereum network. Today, he joins us to discuss the launch of the MARKET Protocol Exchange (MPX) and minting platform, explaining the role of the MKT token in onboarding and educating new users. Seth shares the benefit to putting a cap on risk and the UX tradeoffs associated with this unique approach.

Seth also weighs in on why his team has written their own oracle for initial implementation and how time to resolution impacts the user experience. Listen in to understand how Seth’s team is educating users around the pricing and trading of market position tokens and learn how asset exposure, a defined downside and accessible leverage differentiate MARKET Protocol from its competitors.